Camping and Hiker Gear by ALPS Mountaineering
Our Promise to
Exceed Your Expectations

We have always stood by our promise of providing affordable, performance-driven gear. With our industry-leading warranty and our friendly customer service, we promise to Exceed Your Expectations.
Quality Products,
Affordable Prices

Until our customers can actually hold one of our products in their hands and carefully look it over, it's difficult to convey our quality and construction. Value can be defined as getting what you pay for. We define value as getting more than you pay for.
Limited Lifetime Warranty

ALPS takes pride in our industry-leading warranty. Our factories follow a strict set of specifications and quality standards; however, if a problem develops, we encourage consumers to contact us.
Customer Service

For the entire ALPS family, customer service is our top priority. Our friendly, knowledgeable team treats people the way we wish to be treated. The job isn't to simply fix the problem, but also to build confidence in the ALPS brand.
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