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Save the Lifestyle

Save the Lifestyle

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Conservation is very important to our company, but we've recently taken a more active role in another very important part of our culture—connecting people with the outdoors. With the ever-declining participation in hunting since the 1980s, we are ready to do all we can as a company to join the fight to make a change. It's a complex problem with no "silver bullet" solution, but if we all work together doing something positive, we will see results. If all of us could mentor one new potential hunter, we can make a difference.

For us, hunting is an important part of our lifestyle and heritage, but we really are just as interested in getting more people outside. It could be asking them to help check trail cameras, shed hunting, food plot preparation, or recreational shooting. It could also be fishing, camping, and hunting for mushrooms. We have a responsibility to teach others about the enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle. We'd like to ask each of you for your help in engaging a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance of any age. Let's start today!


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