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Our growing team.
Since our inception in 1993 by outdoor gear designer and company founder Dennis Brune, ALPS has become an innovation and customer satisfaction leader. Founder Brune enjoyed a successful career beginning in 1979 with the technical mountaineering manufacturer Kelty. He moved from product development to sales and marketing, then to management.

Brune had a vision of an outdoor company that would deliver high-quality performance gear priced within a comfortable reach for the everyday outdoorsman and woman. In essence, premium outdoor products whose performance exceeded the expectations of their price points. This combined with a focused attention on customer service has been a winning combination.

Dennis and his wife, LaRayne, wanted to share the passion for the outdoors with their three children. The time spent outdoors are their most cherished memories, and continue to be the stories told when they're together. Brian, Adam and Sarah Kristin have their roles in the company today. The family business was redefined as each child's spouses joined the ALPS team throughout the years. The pride of passing on a passion to your children is an amazing feeling, but to pass along a passion through your children to your grandchildren is something to treasure.

ALPS headquarters was built out of and around the Brune home. In 2015, they officially out-grew their Lyon campus and purchased a 100,000 sq. ft. building in the city limits of New Haven, where the bulk of their warehousing staff and products are now located.

"While I never doubted that we would 'make it,'" said Brune of the company's 25-year milestone, "I have to admit I would have never guessed we would have grown into the company we are today. Our customers have gotten us to this point and it is our goal to provide complete customer satisfaction in every product we offer. Being a family-owned company that is outdoor-driven, we understand the lifestyle and rugged products that need to perform when we have reached the limit. We want to exceed beyond expectations with our gear so our customers can experience once-in-a-lifetime moments in the great outdoors.

You may not always end up where you thought you were going. But you will always end up where you are meant to be.

Active Lifestyle Products & Services

ALPS is an acronym for the company name and not a reference to the mountain range in Europe. We have our own stunning mountains right here in North America. We pride ourselves on providing outdoor gear for all types of adventure types while also helping other companies source gear they'd like produced under their brand name.

Our Brands

What began as a small company dedicated to encouraging active lifestyles with high-quality products has turned into a family of innovative and collaborative brands. The core structure remains and our ALPS team strives to provide gear for campers, hunters, hikers, and those who do it all. ALPS Brands currently markets three of their own brands: ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS OutdoorZ, and Cedar Ridge. In addition, they license Browning Camping and Browning Hunting Blinds. ALPS looks forward to many more years of continuing to Exceed Your Expectations.

ALPS Mountaineering
Performance-driven outdoor gear for all your adventures.

ALPS Mountaineering was born in 1993 with the mission of developing performance-driven outdoor gear. The brand continues to expand our product line into a wide range of categories including tents, packs, camp furniture, hiking accessories, lights, rainwear, and sleep systems.

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ALPS OutdoorZ
Quality performance gear for your next hunt or outdoor need.

ALPS OutdoorZ was established in 2007 with the vision to develop performance hunting gear based on the evolving demands of hunters and outdoor adventurers. The brand advances each year in their offering of their Tried & True gear for many hunt types: whitetail, turkey, big game, waterfowl, upland bird, and predator.

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Cedar Ridge
Family-friendly gear for entry-level experiences.

In 2012, Cedar Ridge was developed to fill a void in the market for family-friendly gear all while being conscious of the price point for beginners. Cedar Ridge is the "starter set" for new campers to Experience The Little Moments. The brand offers easy-to-use tents, sleeping bags and air pads.

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Browning Camping
Gear for camping or your next backcountry spike camp.

ALPS partnered with Browning in 2009 on their licensed camping gear. ALPS' experience with their house brands align with Browning's motto of "The Best There Is." ALPS takes the motto to heart when producing the gear with their world-famous and highly trusted Buckmark. The camping line offers tents, sleep systems, and camp furniture.

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Browning Hunting Blinds & Accessories
Your source for high-quality hunting blinds and accessories.

ALPS partnered with Browning in 2009, and quickly began designing "The Best There Is" in hunting blinds and accessories. This licensed category offers ground blinds, hunting accessories, stools, seats for your hunting adventures.

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